Analog Circuit Trainer (MI-A01B)

Analog Circuit/Lab Trainer, MI-A01B is an advanced learning platform which comes with extremely useful components and resources to understand and grab the knowledge about analog electronics. This is designed to cover all the experimentations regarding to analog electronics. This is a multi-purpose mini lab which is featured by built-in Fixed DC Power Supplies, Variable DC Power Supplies, AC Power Supply, Function Generator & etc.


• User friendly front panel
• On-board Digital Panel Meters
• On-board Fixed & Variable DC Power Supply Sources
• On-board AC Power Supply Source
• Breadboard/Module Mounting Area
• On-board Function Generator
• On-board component banks of different values
• Test points are on panel with 2mm banana sockets
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet

• Study of Resistors, Capacitors, Potentiometers & Transformer
• Study of V-I Characteristics of different types of Diodes
• Study of rectifier circuits and filter
• Study of RC Circuit
• Study of RL Circuit
• Study of RLC Circuit
• Study of IC 555 Astable Multi-vibrator
• Study of IC 555 Monstable Multi-vibrator
• Study of IC 741 Inverting Amplifier
• Study of IC 741 Non Inverting Amplifier
…..And many more