Digital IC Trainer (MI-D02)

The Digital IC Trainer (MI-D02) is designed to learn the fundamental of digital electronic and their functionalities. This kit comprises many no. of digital ICs and other utilities like on-board pulser switches, clock generators, logic level generators & logic level indicators, etc. It is useful in learning function of different digital ICs, gates, universal gates, flip flops, etc.



• User friendly front panel.
• On board useful resources.
• On board DC Power Supply.
• On board Logic Level Generator.
• On board Logic Level Indicator.
• Diagrammatic representation of circuits for the ease of connections.
• Power ON switch with indicator.
• Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB.
• All important points are brought out in front panel with 2mm banana sockets.
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.


• Study of 2 /4 input NAND Gate
• Study of 2/3 input NOR Gate
• Study of NOT Gate
• Study of AND Gate
• Study of 2 Input OR Gate
• Study of 2 Input EX OR Gate
• Study of BCD to 7 Segment Decoder IC
• Study of JK Flip Flop
• Study of 4Bit Synchronous Binary Counter