Electric Vehicle Training System (MI-EV11)

Mine MI – EV11 Electrical Vehicle Training System- Electric vehicles (EVs) are a promising technology for achieving a sustainable transport sector in the future, due to their very low to zero-carbon emission, low noise, high efficiency and flexibility in grid operation and integration.
Evs are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered on electric power. Electric vehicles have low running costs as they have less moving parts for maintaining and also very environmentally friendly as they use little or no fossil fuels (petrol or diesel).



• Provided with all the sensors and its functionality
• Provided with meters for measurement analysis
• Throttle with 3 mode speed
• Testing -RPM, Torque, Input Power
• PWM Signal on Panel
• On Panel Charging Switch
• Real time and interactive training setup
• Motor Assembly Mechanical Arrangement for Experiments


• Comparison between types of motors used in Electrical Vehicle (EV).
• Application and working of different Sensors use in a Electrical Vehicle (EV).
• Describe functionality of Motor Driver Controller in Electrical Vehicle (EV).
• Perform running, reversing & braking operation in a HUB motor of two wheeler vehicle.
• Explain what is PWM and perform speed control operations of a HUB (BLDC) motor using     PWM, also measure PWM Signal on DSO.
• Explain working of Hall Sensor.
• Draw N-T(Speed-Torque) characteristic of HUB Motor.