Kirchhoff’s Law Trainer (MI-ET03)

Mine MI-ET03 Kirchhoff’s Law Trainer has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of
Kirchhoff’s Law. This kit is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to
various experiments in the field of Electrical trainer and provides all necessary inputs and connections for
students to study Kirchhoff’s Law Circuit. This is a standalone kit which comes with inbuilt power supply, digital
panel meters & other useful resources. This is helpful in making learning simple, at the same time while making
experimentations on it.



  • Stand alone unit, requires no extra accessories
  • Exclusive and compact design
  • In-built DC power supply
  • In-built DC Ammeter & DC Voltmeter
  • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections
  • Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet


  • Verification of Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law.
  • Verification of Kirchhoff’s Current Law