Linear IC Trainer (MI-A19)

Linear IC Trainer (MI-A19) is an extremely useful Laboratory kit which provides facilities for hand on experience to various experiments in the field of analog electronics trainer and also provides all necessary inputs and connections for student to study Linear IC Circuit. This is a standalone kit which comes with inbuilt DC Power supply, variable DC power supply, AC power supply, logic level indicator & generator, set of component bank and use full ICs.


• User friendly front panel.
• On-board Fixed & Variable DC Power Supply Sources.
• On-board AC Power Supply Source.
• Breadboard/Module Mounting Area.
• Built-in Function Generator.
• Built-in Logic Level Input Switches & Logic Level
• On-board Potentiometer of different values.
• Test points are on panel with 2mm banana sockets.
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.

• Study of Voltage and Controlled Oscillator NE566
• Study of Phase Locked Loop NE565
• Study of Op-amp 741