Lissajous Pattern Trainer (MI-BA11)

Lissajous Pattern Trainer (BA-11) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of Lissajous Patterns. This kit is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on various experiments in the field of electronics and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study Lissajous Patterns and their use. Using this kit student can perform different types of experiments like; lissajous figures, unknown frequency calculation & etc. This kit is extensively designed for institutions to train/teach their students in more effective manner about application of Lissajous Figures. This kit comes with built-in signal generator & other useful resources. This is helpful in understanding fundamentals of the Lassajous Pattern.



• User friendly front panel.
• Built-in useful resources.
• On-board Signal Generator.
• On-board Required set of Components.
• Power ON switch with indicator.
• Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB.
• All important test points are brought out in front panel with 2mm banana sockets.
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.


• Study of Lissajous figures.
• Unknown frequency calculation using Lissajous figures.
• RLC resonance frequency calculation using Lissajous figures.
• Phase Difference calculation using Lissajous figures.