Pocket VNA-6-GHz

Pocket VNA Portable Vector Network Analyzer is a fully functional 2-port 6 GHz

  • Measure reflection and transmission coefficients on both parts (S11,S12, S21 & S22)- magnitude and phase
  • Frequency range: 200 kHz to 6 GHz; Measurements outside this region might be possible but are not guaranteed. If you would like to measure in a particular frequency range.


High performance- Up to 80 dB dynamic range in the MHz range up to 40 dB in the GHz range
Broadband-200 kHz to 6 GHz
Bidirectional– 2-port fully bidirectional (Measures S11,S12, S21, S22 at the same time)
Easy to use– Connect it to your laptop or desktop computer via USB, PC software is included. No driver or software installation required.
Portable-  Small size and light weight
Signal Generator- Can be used as a simple signal generator