RLC Circuit Trainer (MI-BA02)

RLC Circuit Trainer (MI-BA02) has been designed specifically to demonstrate growth and decay of current in RC circuit. It is a kit for basic electronics laboratories using this kit students can learn different types of RLC combination circuits. This kit comes with built-in DC Power Supplies and In built generator to perform various experiment.



• User friendly front panel
• Easy to use
• On-board Signal Generator with multi mode selection
• On-board Required set of Components
• Power ON switch with indicator
• Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB
• On board Frequency Counter
• BNC Connector available to observe output (optional)
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB


• To Study the behavior of RL circuit
• To Study the behavior of RC circuit
• To Study the behavior of RC time constant.
• To study the charging and discharging of different capacitors in RC   circuits.