Three Phase Synchronous Motor Lab Trainer (MI-ET09)

Mine MI-ET09 Three Phase Synchronous Motor Trainer is an adaptable Platform for the Electrical Laboratories. The Trainer helps in getting fully acquainted with the basic concepts, functioning and operating principle of a ET09.The product includes experiment such as V and inverse V curve of synchronous motor. For engineering students it is important to know how the variation of field current can affect the power factor of the Synchronous Motor and hence improve the system’s performance. Separate terminals of windings brought out on a terminal box fitted on top of the motor so that one can connect them separately to the control panel and can perform experiment correspondingly. All protection circuits are in built.



  • Inbuilt Power Supply for Excitation
  • Flexible Shaft Coupling Arrangement
  • Equipped with supply indication lamps
  • Provided with Digital Tachometer
  • Heavy Duty Base/Channel
  • Designed by considering all the safety standards
  • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections


  • To study the V curve of Three Phase Synchronous Motor
  • To study the Inverse V curve of the Three Phase Synchronous Motor