Binary Encoder Decoder Trainer (MI-D06)

Binary Encoder & Decoder Trainer (MI-D06) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the functionality of Encoder & Decoder Circuits. This kit is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to various experiments like study of decimal to binary encoder, binary to decimal decoder etc. This kit comes with built-in fixed DC Power Supply, set of built-in logic level generator and indicator. This is helpful in making the life of instructor’s simple, at the same time while making experimentations on it.



• User friendly front panel.
• Built-in useful resources.
• Inbuilt DC Power Supply.
• Built-in Logic Level Generator.
• Built-in Logic Level Indicator.
• Diagrammatic representation of circuits for the ease of connections.
• Power ON switch with indicator.
• Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB.
• All important points are brought out on front panel with 2mm banana sockets.
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.



• To study and verification of the truth table for : -NAND Gate, NOR Gate, NOT Gate, AND                                                                                                     Gate, OR Gate, XOR Gate
• Decimal to Binary Encoder.
• Binary to Decimal Decoder.
• BCD to Excess 3.
• BCD to 7 Segment Decoder.