Computer, Networking and Security Work Bench (MI-NTW01)

MI-NTW01 Computer, Networking and Security WorkBench is a inclusive setup provides the understanding of all the fundamentals of computer, Hardware, networking and its security. It helps the students to gain knowledge on all networking devices like Wi-Fi LAN card, Managed Layer 2 & 3 Ethernet Switch, Media Convertor, PoE Switch, UTP Jack Panel, IP Camera, Network Layers, cable designing a and building of complete network of computers.



• Enhanced electrical safety considerations
• at the legs of Work Bench for easy movement
• MCB provided with AC supply for safety purpose
• Licensed windows 10 Operating Software (64 bit)
• Peer to Peer network, Client – server network
• Networking devices like POE Switch, Managed Layer 2 &3 Ethernet Switch, Media Convertor, UTP Jack Panel, Wi-Fi LAN card, IP Camera, Network Layers
• Design of Star topology using 100 Base- Tx, Design of Ring topology using DB9
• Detailed introduction to TCP/IP model (4 Layer Model)
• Wireless LAN with 803.11b/g
• Network monitoring
• Error generation (manual and auto)
• Color coded real time graphical representation of entire transmission & reception
• Graphical Analysis of LAN performance with various parameters and protocols
• Encryption/Decryption technique
• Easy identification of different parts of computer
• UPS and Antivirus



• Managed layer 2 Ethernet switch
• Managed layer 3 ethernet switch
• Media convertor
• Power over switch (POE)
• PoE Adaptor
• UTP Jack Panel
• IP Camera
• Addressing in TCP/IP
• Ping command
• Recognition of different parts of computer like motherboard, SMPS, Hard disk, RAM, CD Drive, Web Cam

• Ring topology using Db9
• Study the performance of token ring protocols through simulation
• Distance vector routing algorithm
• Link state routing/Dijkistra’s algorithm
• Data Encryption and decryption
• Subnet calculation using software
• CRC Technique using software
• Cable designs in Networking
• PC to PC with IEEE 802.3
• Peer to Peer Network
• Client to Server Network
• Star topology using 100base Tx
• Ethernet LAN protocol to create scenario and Study the performance of CSMA/CD (carrier sense multiple access with collision detection) Protocol through simulation
• Wireless LAN Protocol to create scenario and study the performance network with CSMA/CA protocol and compare with CSAMA/CD protocol
• Go back N and Selective repeat protocols