Adder Subtractor Trainer (MI-D04)

Adder & Subtractor Trainer (MI-D04) is a very useful learning platform for the beginners in the field of digital electronics. This kit having extremely useful components & resources to perform experiments based on addition and subtraction of binary data.



• Easy to Operate.
• On-board Logic Input Switch.
• LEDs for Visual Indications of logic data.
• Built-in DC Power Supply Source.
• All the component and circuits are fitted inside the trainer board.
• On-board points to observe output .
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.


• To study of half adder
• To study of full adder
• To study of half subtractor
• To study of full subtractor
• To Study of 4-bit binary adder
• To Study of 4-bit binary subtractor
• To Study of 8-bit Binary Adder
• To Study of 8-bit binary subtractor