Battery Characteristics Trainer (MI-EV14)

Energy storage is becoming increasingly important for improving the efficiency, reliability and price-competitiveness of power utilities and Electric Vehicles, and to achieve deeper integration with intermittent renewable energies. Battery is an energy storage device consisting of two or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy and used as a source of power. As an energy storage device, the use of the battery is increasing day by day such as in automobiles, inverter , UPS, off- grid renewable energy sources.
Mine EV14 Battery Characteristics Trainer introduce students to the operation of Lead-Acid and Li-ion batteries. Hands-on experiments cover the charging and discharging characteristics of lead-acid and Li-ion batteries.



• Models for study of battery characteristics of Lead-Acid and Li-iron Phosphate batteries.
• Real time and interactive training setup.
• DC Power source and charge controller.
• Meters and battery level indicator for analysis.
• Designed with all safety standards.


• Explain Construction of different types of Batteries.
• Evaluate performance of different type of batteries on basis of following parameters.
a. Charging characteristics of Battery.
b. Discharging characteristics of Battery.