LVDT Trainer (MI IN02)

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) Trainer (MI-IN02) is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to various experiments in the field of instrumentation trainers and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study the behavior of LVDT and their techniques. LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is the most widely used inductive transducer for displacement measurement. LVDT is a secondary transducer which converts the displacement directly into an electrical output proportional to the displacement. This is a standalone unit with built-in excitation generator and other circuitries.



• User friendly front panel.
• Representation of Functional Blocks on Mimic.
• Different signal conditioning circuitry.
• Digital Panel Meters for measuring displacement .
• Potentiometer Bank.
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB.
• All important test points are brought out with 2mm banana sockets to           observe signal.
• Attractive ABS plastic cabinet.


• Study of Input Output characteristics of LVDT
• Study the sensitivity of LVDT
• Study of Linear Range of Operation in LVDT
• Measurement of Phase difference between secondary windings