Voltage Multiplier Trainer (MI-BA07)

Voltage Multiplier Trainer (MI-BA07) is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to various experiments in the field of electronics and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study about different type of voltage multipliers like; voltage doubler, voltage tripler & voltage quadrupler. This kit is designed for institutions to train/teach their students in more effective manner about fundamentals of voltage multiplier and their utilities. This trainer comes with AC voltage source to perform the experiments.



• On board AC source
• On board test points to observe signals
• Power On/Off Switch with Indicator
• Flexibility of making circuit connections
• Lightweight & compact
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB


• Study of different type of voltage multipliers –
– Voltage Doubler
– Voltage Tripler
– Voltage Quadrupler