Radar Trainer (MI-AC20)

Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle or velocity of objects. The
RADAR Trainer (MI-AC20) is a training system, specially designed for educational purposes, operates without any hazardous high-frequency radiation. The principle of a radar system is explained using authentic measurements. It is a very useful trainer for student, they can study signals on Oscilloscope, Measure speed of Object, Vibration and RPM of any fan. It is also very useful to study of properties of Materials.


• Easy to use.
• Object Counter provided on trainer real time fan RPM measurements and vibrations measurements with the         help of tuning forks
• Complete Hardware and Software setup to demonstrate Radar concepts
• LED indication for Doppler Echo signal
• Tripod stand provided for height level matching
• On board alarm for detected signals
• All important test points are brought out in front panel with 2mm banana sockets.

• Study of principle of Doppler Radar and their working.
• Measurement of Velocity of the object moving in the Radar range.
• Study of an Alarm System using a Radar.
• Study of Object Counting with the help of Radar.
• Study of the detection of vibration of different Tuning Forks.
• Determination of the RPM (Rotation Per Minute) of a moving object (Fan).
• Study of the effect of different types of materials on Radar