UJT Relaxation Oscillator (MI-PW03)

Mine MI-PW03 UJT Relaxation Oscillator UJT Relaxation Oscillator Trainer (MI-PW03) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of UJT as Relaxation Oscillation. UJT Relaxation Oscillator trainer is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hand on experience to various experiments in the field of Power Electronic circuit trainer and provides all necessary inputs and connections for student to study UJT Relaxation
Oscillator circuit.

This is a very basic kit for the students in learning importance of UJT Relaxation Oscillator. This is an unique and standalone trainer for learning Fundamentals of UJT Relaxation Oscillator Trainer.



• User friendly front panel.
• All Important test points are brought out in front panel with 2mm Banana Sockets
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet
• Symbolic representation of components on mimic Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass       epoxy PCB


• To Study of UJT as Relaxation Oscillator.